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Earlobe repair is a surgical procedure that can help refresh and suture together the edges of your torn or damaged earlobes.
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What is earlobe repair?

Earlobe repair is a surgical procedure that can help refresh and suture together the edges of your torn or damaged earlobes. Earlobes can become stretched or damaged for several reasons. If you often wear heavy, dangling earrings, tore your earlobe in an accident or have a keloid scar as a result of a simple ear piercing, you may need earlobe repair.

Why choose Skin Medical Aesthetics?

Before the procedure, you will meet with Dr. Anthony “Rocco” Perrone for a one-on-one consultation. All of our consultations are completely FREE. At this time, you will discuss the issue, and he will go over the steps required to repair your ears. Dr. Perrone will address any questions or concerns that you have and will prepare you for your surgery.

What should I expect during the procedure?

We perform earlobe repair at our practice in Windham, Maine. These in-office procedures usually last anywhere from 15-60 minutes, depending on the complexity of the repair, and use a local anesthetic, with or without oral sedation. The actual steps of the surgery will vary, depending on the nature of the damage or the look you want to achieve. With earlobe repair, Dr. Perrone will remove the scarred edges around the split and suture the new raw edges together so that they can heal into a whole earlobe again.

What can I expect from the results and recovery?

You may feel mild pain for a day or two. You will need to keep the sutured area clean to reduce the potential for infection. Sutures are generally removed after 7-10 days. You can safely pierce your ears again 3-6 months after the repair. Depending on the exact procedure that you receive, your post-op instructions will vary. Any swelling and redness you experience will fade after a few days. Earlobe repair generally takes 1-2 weeks of healing time.

Request a free consultation in Windham, Maine

To get earlobe repair in Windham, Maine, request your free consultation at Skin Medical Aesthetics today. Your consultation is an excellent opportunity to ask Dr. Perrone questions and learn more about your specific procedure. Give us a call at (207) 572-1618 or request your complimentary consultation online.


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